What we do

The right team of experts and guidance to address your challenge 

Design of vector control programmes tailored to your needs

With our worldwide network of collaborators and professionals and over 25 years of experience in medical entomology and vector control, our experts and regional advisers can bring together the best team of individuals with the set of skills and experience to lay out a strategy addressing your unique vector control challenge.

Assessment of existing vector control and research programmes

Our experts and regional advisers are successful active researchers, heads of research laboratories, research units and research centres with extensive knowledge in fundamental, translational and implementation research in vector biology. We can assess and advise existing vector control research programmes and act as ad-hoc institutional research committee so that you can best position your team in terms of research innovation, the funding landscape and sustainability. 

Evaluation of infrastructures, operational capacity and management

Infrastructures, technology, knowledge and people are at the heart of every successful vector control programme. Based on their own practical knowledge of running facilities and operations in research institutions and on the ground, our advisers can recommend infrastructures, team structures and workflows that best manage knowledge, motivation and performance. We can help you achieve higher organisational standards and maximizes your operational capacities.